Recent projects

Thread gauging

Profile measurement system for gauging thread parameters of steel tube fittings
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Industrial OCR

Highly robust and accurate optical character recognition system  more details >>

3D surface inspection

Dynamic 3D acquisition of mandrel bar surface structures
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Mandrel bar 3D surface inspection


Mandrel bars are used in the production of steel pipes. Their application imposes an extremely high thermal and mechanical stress on their surface, which leads to degradation over time. The inline inspection system developed by SLR Engineering creates a high-resolution 3D image of the surface of mandrel bars in real-time during production. The resulting detailed surface map is then analyzed for defects.




The inspection system employs two scanning units, each consisting of a high speed laser scanners with attached industry PCs for data processing. The scanners are protected by tubing, which allows an operation at high temperatures. One sensor unit can map 1/3 of the mandrel bar circumfence. Profiles are created at high speed (10 kHz) and in high resolution. These raw profiles are transmitted to the processing units, which are responsible for calibration, data reduction and assembly of final surface data, which is then stored on the frame processors. A graphical user interface allows access to the scanner over the network in real-time. Furthermore, the archive of previously scanned surface data can be accessed with this interface.