Outdoor installation


The camera housing is available in two variants:


access to all camera interfaces (DVI, USB, LAN). The camera can be used just like a PC in this configuration.


IP67 waterproof design, heating elements keep the lens compartment from fogging at low
temperatures. Only the external power supply, digital I/O lines and the network interface is accessible.

Smart camera


Hardware specification


The SLR Engineering smart camera offers high processing power provided in a small embedded platform which is ready to be installed in outdoor environments. The device is passively cooled and contains a heating element to prevent fogging of the lens protection glass. Rain and snow do not pose a problem for the camera hardware.

The camera is aimed at computationally intensive video analysis applications for traffic monitoring, safety or security applications. We have designed the smart camera for development of our own video analysis sensors. It offers a proven SW environment which is tailored for real-world development and application.

The OpenCV computer vision library is at the core of our system, extended by the SLR Engineering vision modules and additional SW libraries for configuration management, communication and visualization. The camera is designed to run under Linux, but can also be run under Windows.

One of the main benefits of the camera design is its compatibility with the Linux operating system. This means that SW which has been written on a Desktop PC can be directly compiled for and/or executed on the camera without modification.