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Thread gauging

Profile measurement system for gauging thread parameters of steel tube fittings
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Industrial OCR

Highly robust and accurate optical character recognition system  more details >>

3D surface inspection

Dynamic 3D acquisition of mandrel bar surface structures
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Optical character recognition (OCR)


The verification of ID codes in production is an essential means to ensure that material flow in a plant runs smoothly and correctly. SLR Engineering has developed and installed an Optical Character Recognition System which can read and verify ID codes on the front side of steel bars used for tube production. 

Technical specifcations





Industrial OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on metal surfaces in the steel industry can be a challenging task. The harsh environment, uneven and dirty surfaces, and the varying shape and quality of the embossed characters are extremely challenging for a recognition module.

The OCR core module is embedded in a LabVIEW user application layer which takes care of communication with the operator on-site as well as the process control system of the plant (transmission of reading results, statistical data and images).

The core of the OCR reading system has been derived from the trainable pattern recognition technology developed by SLR Engineering. Each of the 6 installed ID stations at the customer site can detect and read the material code regardless of its position in the image as well as its rotation relative to the camera. The OCR module can read single digits with an accuracy of 99,93% and the full 9 digit codes in excess of 99.1%. Even digits which are partially missing, deformed or distorted by background defects can be correctly identified.