Recent projects

Thread gauging

Profile measurement system for gauging thread parameters of steel tube fittings
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Industrial OCR

Highly robust and accurate optical character recognition system  more details >>

3D surface inspection

Dynamic 3D acquisition of mandrel bar surface structures
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Thread and fitting measurements


SLR Engineering has developed a machine vision system for highly accurate gauge thread measurement and tube dimension measurement with an accuracy better than 0.01mm over a field of view of 25cmx25cm².

The system uses 2 calibrated high resolution cameras in order to cover the required measurement field while still achieving a very high resolution. The technology which is used to combine and calibrate  the two cameras can be used to extend the field of view virtually unlimited without reducing measurement resolution.

Subpixel pattern detection and edge detection modules developed by SLR Engineering reduce the requirements on imaging hardware while also enhancing accuracy and robustness against image noise and illumination variations.

The system is completely developed with the National Instruments LabVIEW programming environment.